The stage was set, the lights were dimmed, and the air buzzed with anticipation. The UHAS- MSA’S Karaoke Night at the forecourt of the popular Asogli Hall was a beloved event that brought people of all levels and courses together for a night of musical fun. As the clock struck 7 p.m., the doors swung open, and a wave of excited participants flooded in. The outdoor event was adorned with colorful decorations, creating a vibrant atmosphere that set the perfect backdrop for this memorable evening. The stage stood proudly in the center, beckoning the brave souls ready to dance their hearts out. The sound system was tuned to perfection, ready to amplify the voices of the enthusiastic performers.

The night began with a mix of nerves and excitement. People huddled together, flipping through the songbooks, carefully selecting the perfect tunes that would let their inner stars shine. Some were seasoned karaoke veterans, well-versed in the art of captivating an audience. Others were newcomers, with voices itching to be heard for the first time. There were also side games like “Flip the Bottle”,” UNO”, and “4 in a row” amongst others. People played their hearts out as they shuffled through all games losing and winning.


Side attractions were not left out Kebab’s, fruit juices, “sobolo”, and popcorn were available as refreshments. As the night progressed, the initial nerves dissolved into an intoxicating blend of camaraderie and confidence. Strangers became friends as they bonded over shared musical interests, exchanging tips and cheering each other on. Laughter filled the air as the more adventurous souls dared to tackle the challenging songs, sometimes hitting the high notes flawlessly and other times embracing the occasional off-key moment with good humor.

As people filed out, their voices slightly hoarse from the hours of singing and cheering, they carried with them the joy and exhilaration of the night. And so, the tradition would continue, with future Karaoke Nights promising to be just as remarkable, serving as a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a microphone, a song, and a shared love for music to bring people together in perfect‌ harmony.

By: Boateng Valice Godstime


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