All I want is a 50+1.


The medical school journey is a fascinating one with a blend of interesting personalities. There are those students who genuinely just want a pass, there are those who reluctantly settle for a pass and there are who are only comfortable with distinctions.


During each graduation, the student populace gets a feel of the academic battle among the students. Each year there are a handful of medical students who end up sweeping all awards.


2021 graduation was a historic moment in UHAS Medical school. Dr Elizabeth Morton student swept 8 out of 13 awards and was also the Valedictorian of UHAS.


During the just ended graduation for the 2022 year group, the battle was between Dr Abraham Ahiakpa and Dr Francisca Tsidi. Dr Ahiakpa went home with 7 awards and Dr Tsidi, 5 awards.


The works of Dr. Akpalooo Felix were also recognized. He went home with an award for his community engagement and service.


Despite a curriculum that gives no space to catch one’s breath, Medical students are doing their quota for a better society.



They continue to leave huge footprints for their successor to fill in. They keep the fire burning.

Impatiently, we await the next cohort.


To be continued…

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