Congress: Members of the federation are convened in March or April each year at The Annual General Meeting. Hosting rights is rotated yearly among the 4 universities in the federation. The main features the annual meetings include sports and debate competitions, dinners and other entertaining programmes and most importantly, election of new executives and handing over. At Congress, only delegates are eligible to table motions, second them or cast votes.

Mid- year congress: This takes place in October/ November each year, and it is for business purposes only. In this meeting, outstanding issues from the last congress are followed up, the budgets of the Electoral Commission and the Court of Justice are approved and the reports of the NEC and the EB are reviewed.

National health week: Every year, the federation adopts a public health issue to deal with, and this is what the national Health Week is centered on. The whole year is dedicated to seeing the campaign through, hence, after the launch of the theme for the year, there are debates, health screening, health walks, radio interviews and other interactive events organized to further propagate the campaign. The designated health week gives students the opportunity to travel to the various districts in the country to educate people on the chosen topic

Exchange: Students are given the opportunity to go on professional and research exchange programmes with other countries in the IFMSA.

External relations: Delegates are sent every year for IFMSA congress in March and August, as well as the African Regional Meeting.