Exodus 14:14 – UHAS SRC Presidential Elections.

Congratulations Rodger Macscott-Lutterodt, from UHAS-MSA, on your win in the UHAS SRC Presidential Elections! FGMSA is proud of you.

From a rigorous journey that began late last year, Rodger Macscott-Lutterodt has emerged as the Federal SRC President of the University of Health and Allied Sciences. Rodger is a fifth-year medical student with a rich experience in student leadership and public speaking.

The initial roadmap of the 2022 SRC/LNUGS saw the election process ending on 31st October 2022 with the conduction and announcement of the election and resultsrespectively however that did not conclude it. Frank ChatiBechuba, Rodger’s opponent in the race and also a fifth year medical student, filed for an interlocutory injunction on the results. This was granted by the Superior Court of Judicature of the SRC. After the trial by the Superior Court of Judicature of the SRC, the court ruled that the injunction be lifted to allow for the transition of power, that the plaintiff apologizes to the defendant, the Electoral Commission, for defamation and to pay some fines to the court and the defendant.

Mr. Chati being unsatisfied with the ruling, sought redress from the SRC Appeals Board. After several sittings, the Board concluded that the elections be re-run under the close watch of the Office of Students’ Affairs. The re-run climaxed on 23rdJanuary with Rodger Macscott-Lutterodt winning by 62.6%.

To Frank we say kudos and better luck next time. Congratulations Rodger! UHAS-MSA is proud of you, FGMSA is proud of you. We wish you the very best.

BY: Worlako Biese-Macarthy

University of Health and Allied Sciences


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