On Saturday, 29th April 2023, the FGMSA MID-YEAR Congress 2023 was held on Zoom. The hindrance of finding a convenient date for an in-person meeting by delegates of the various member associations necessitated the online intervention.

The meeting which lasted from 9:00 am to 5:05 pm started with a prayer from . The Plenary Chair, Hon. Lawrencia Gyabaah, UDS-MSA, her team and the head of the Constitutional Credential Committee were introduced by the FGMSA President, Her Excellency Stephanie Chiaky Otuteye. The FGMSA Officials and the presidents of the various MSAs were introduced by the Plenary Chair. Business kicked start immediately after a quick check of delegates present by the Plenary Chair. The order of the agenda was then adopted, followed by the reading of the minutes from the previous Congress meeting by the FGMSA General Secretary, Hon. Patrick Makafui Bumegbe. The adoption of the previous minutes was however moved down the agenda.

Introducing the Plenary Team that Lead the Business Meeting of the Mid-year Congress.

National Officers of the various Standing Committees excluding SCORA and the National Executive Board read their reports and were adopted. It was agreed that the SCORA report be presented to the National Executive Council on Sunday 30th April 2023. The State of the Federation Address delivered by Her Excellency Stephanie Chiaky Otuteye highlighted a number of successes, from representation of the Federation at various levels; IFMSA March Meeting, IFMSA Africa Regional Meeting, GMA Congress, NAHSAG meetings, PSFGH Congress, to some collaborations and partnerships; UBUNTU, Lecturio, USAG, PSFGH, with educative and informative webinars and the creation of FGMSA Chatters, an Official Complaints Form, the FGMSA Rep. System among others. It also hinted to the procurement of FGMSA souvenirs for members, IFMSA August Africa Regional Meeting to be hosted in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and the creation of MedReady Database, to provide members with academic materials and resources.

Reports from the various MSA Presidents were read and adopted as well with the exception of KNUST-MSA’s report which was unavailable. Deliberations were also made on the National Health Week. Two members of UHAS-MSA and UCC-MSA were nominated and accepted. UDS-MSA was announced as the host of the next Congress meeting.

We hope to have a successful End of Year Congress in UDS. See you Tamale!

BY: Worlako Biese-Macarthy

University of Health and Allied Health Sciences

  •       MBCHB ‘27


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