The 68th general assembly meeting (March Meeting) of the IFMSA was hosted by SloMSIC in Portoroz, Slovenia between 1st and 7th March 2019. The meeting with theme “Gender in healthcare” brought together over 1,000 medical students from across the world.

FGMSA was well represented by a 13-member delegation, the highest in the African Region. The delegation was made up of members of KNUST MSA, UGMSA and UHAS MSA who each attended their respective committee sessions. The federation therefore partook in almost every activity including the plenaries, theme event, regional sessions, joint committee sessions, exchange fair, buddy meeting, social programs etc.


The national officer for professional exchange (NOPE), Bismark Adu-Appiah was duly recognized as one of the most active NOPEs during the General Assembly. Also, our SCORA (sexual and reproductive health) team made us proud by winning the 3rd place in the poster presentation for the upcoming SCORA exchange.

The SCORP (Human rights and peace) team made a presentation on GoSCORP, an upcoming exchange program in Ghana set to occur in summer. FGMSA made a submission on a byelaw proposal to allow suspended NMOs attend regional meetings as observers. This was reinforced by the fact that the federation hosted the 14th Regional meeting which noted, suspended NMOs though were prepared and ready to attend the meeting were not allowed because of the restriction of the said byelaw. We believe when this change is made, it will beneficial to the Region in terms of NMO development and external representation.

The delegation was led by Kennedy Ngaaso, the Federation’s president.

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