Human Rights and Peace (SCORP)

Adjoa Fosua Agyeman-Duodo
National Officer for Human Rights and Peace
The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace of the Federation of Ghana Medical Students’ Associations (SCORP-FGMSA) takes interest in special advocacy, engaging the general public in interactions that would heighten awareness on human rights issues in our dear country, Ghana. We staunchly believe it is our core duty to relentlessly pursue an all-inclusive society, hence imperative on us to champion this cause.
This mission coupled with a whole lot of strong desires has catapulted the committee to a pedestal where all we seek for is to relentlessly influence our world.The hard work of the committee has earned it an increase in its total membership across the country with members showing keen interest in human rights issues. Gladly, SCORP-FGMSA is one of the most active standing committee in FGMSA now, if not the most active. We have had the opportunity to undertake the Election Peace Campaigns in both national and school election periods, donations to the refugee’s camp, a number of educative Online Training Sessions with wonderful Resource Personnel, the campaign against Child Sexual Abuse in Ghana, and others.
The success and impact made by these activities, most especially the campaign against Child Sexual Abuse is unprecedented. This project caught the national interest and the media houses took it up, with the aim of helping to eradicate or reduce the incidence, sensitizing the country at large on its effects. This called for a lot of like-minded platforms such as the Coalition against Sexual Abuse (CASA) and the Mental Health
Advocacy groups to collaborate with the committee. An evidence of this collaboration is the just ended sexual abuse conference held at the British Council in Accra, Ghana. The project on Child Sexual Abuse has successfully been enrolled as an IFMSA program with the Children Health and Rights program and it was nominated as most impactful project of the year by SCORP AFRICA COMMUNITY. As a committee, we have come far with regards to our duties, evidenced by our campaign for the 2018/2019 administrative year on the rights of persons with disability.
SCORP-FGMSA is a result-driven committee with penchant for excellence and meaningful impact in the lives of all.

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