Medical Education (SCOME)

Stephanie Chiaky
National Officer for medical education


Medical Education should be a concern of every medical student as it shapes not only the quality of future doctors but also the quality of healthcare. Through our joint efforts locally and role in International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) SCOME, we work to create sustainable changes for ourselves as medical students, for generations to come, for our future patients and our communities who are in fact the final beneficiaries of our education.


SCOME was one of IFMSAs first standing committees from the beginning of its foundation in 1951. It acts as a discussion forum for students interested in the different aspects of medical education in the hope of pursuing and achieving its aim. Today, SCOME works mainly in medical education capacity building. SCOME provides several platforms and methods to educate medical students worldwide on various medical education issues. Through this knowledge, it empowers them to advocate to be a part of the decision-making chain. SCOME believes in medical students as important stakeholders in creating, developing and implementing medical education systems.


Medical students attain an optimal professional and personal development to reach their full potential as future doctors for better healthcare worldwide.


Our mission is to be the frame in which medical students worldwide contribute to the development of medical education. Students convene in SCOME to share and learn about medical education in order to improve it as well as benefit the most from it on a personal and professional basis.


FGMSA SCOME has members across seven medical schools in Ghana- UGMSA, KNUST-MSA, UDSMSA, UCCMSA, ACM-MSA, UHASMSA and FHMSA. Each local member association is headed by a local officer for Medical Education who reports to the National Officer for Medical Education. The National Officer for medical education who doubles as a member of the national executive committee of FGMSA in turn reports to the National Executive Committee, Executive Board, Congress and the IFMSA SCOME Regional Assistant for Africa.

Modes of Action:

– Workshops
– Seminars
– Training sessions
– Webinars
– Advocacy
– Campaigns
– Research

Example of recent achievements
– PLAB WEBINAR: An online seminar for international medical graduates on the pathway to a successful medical residency in the US was held by SCOME.

– USMLE WEBINAR: An online seminar for international medical graduates on the pathway to a successful specialty training in the UK was organised by SCOME.

– SCOME MANUAL: A guiding document for FGMSA SCOME has been made available to new individuals and entities whom may be interested in working with SCOME FGMSA. Kindly send a request to for a copy.

A weekly filter of key medical news on the internet is sampled and refined by the UDS-MSA Local Committee on Medical Education and further disseminated on all official online platforms of medical students in Ghana.

Other Projects: First Aid Training Workshop, Medical Students Mental Health Project and SCOME-SCOPH campaign.

If you want to get involved and learn more send an email to