Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS (SCORA)


Dennis Arnold Tsegah
National Officer for SCORA

Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA) seeks to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in the general populace through advocacy, capacity building and engagement of members and the broader community.

These activities are made possible through very passionate members making a very conscious effort with the view of making impact on these very important Health issues with regards to Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights.

The activities of SCORA Ghana are in tandem with the general vision and mission of SCORA Worldwide. These are;


A world where every individual is empowered to exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights equally, free from stigma and discrimination.


To provide our members with the tools necessary to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights within their respective communities in a culturally respected fashion. This has been accomplished through building the skills and the knowledge about, providing trainings on Comprehensive Sexuality Education other respective reproductive health issues, exchanging ideas and projects, as well as drafting policies and working with our external partners in order to create change in local, regional and international level.

The objectives of SCORA Ghana are in line with the broader African Regional priority areas

And these include;

  1. Peer Education on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  2. Stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV in the healthcare setting
  3. Reproductive cancers especially cervical and breast cancer
  4. Access to safe abortion
  5. Gender based violence
  6. Family Planning Access and awareness

Activities carried out by SCORA in recent times with the above-named objectives include;

  1. Candle Light Memorial Online Interactive Talk Session about HIV/AIDS for over 200 members. This involved a guest resource person and real-life accounts from a person living with HIV.
  1. The organization of a Candle Light Memorial Vigil. This very short service was aimed at remembering persons living with HIV/AIDS around the world and reflecting on how we can also play a role in reducing its disastrous spread.
  1. A talk on sexual assault which was aimed at sensitizing participants about the impact of sexual assault among participants.
  1. SCORA participated in the 2nd International Adolescent Reproductive Health Summit held in Accra on the 29th & 30th of August 2018.
  1. SCORA partnered with Mariestopes International as well as Willows International during World Contraception Day to organize an outreach for the people of Korlegonnor. There was a health screening, provision of family planning services, and a contraceptive pageant.
  1. To celebrate breast cancer awareness month, some SCORA members volunteered to join Beautiful Beneath at a breast cancer screening they organized on the 6th of October 2018 at East Legon.
  1. Also in October 2018, earmarked for Breast Cancer Awareness, saw many SCORA members going to some media houses to educate the populace on the benefits of early detection of breast cancer, common predisposing factors and the importance of self-breast examination.
  1. Also in October, SCORA had four of its members joining Ghana Health Service to launch Adolescent Youth Clubs in Aboasi and Abura in the Western Region of Ghana. We helped at a health screening organized in both towns after the launch.
  1. SCORA had a cervical cancer project in collaboration with MOMIC (UGMSA). This was aimed at screening women in the general populace for cervical cancer.
  1. We have also organised many outreaches to Junior and Senior secondary schools across the country.
  1. These activities have all occurred alongside regular capacity building training sessions that happen in the various local SCORA standing committees in Ghana.

SCORA looks forward to partnering more stake-holders in the field of sexual and reproductive health and Rights moving forward.