The medical school journey is so daunting that one cannot afford not to start right. UHAS MSA is always at the forefront, providing its members with the needed support to navigate the journey.

START RIGHT is a UHAS MSA program that comes off annually to position freshmen and 1st-year clinical students on the right path to commence their journeys. This year’s Start Right which came off on the 21st of January, 2023 had speakers from various classes in the association who have distinguished themselves in diverse aspects of their medical school lives; Dr. Ohene Kwaku Abeka, Aishah Fadila Adamu, Benedictus Forson and Delali Fayorsey.

“Do not fixate on battles you lose. Medical school is full of ups and downs. March onto the next one with full strength and most importantly, help each other to succeed”, were the words of Dr. Abeka Kwaku, who was still in his graduation attire. He was a symbol of hope, showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Miss Aishah Fadila Adamu, speaking on how to be an excellent Medical Student told the freshmen, “Good wellbeing, academics and networking makes an excellent medical student. Eat well, get enough rest, have fun, find a study approach that works for you, find mentors who will lead you through, add value to yourself by taking on leadership roles and participating in volunteer activities. Be audaciously bold. Be so good that you cannot be ignored”.

Mr. Benedictus Forson speaking on little beginnings with God admonished them to start with God in order to be disciplined so they could become globally competent medical doctors and be equipped for every work of God in their fields.

“Doctors are leaders wherever they find themselves”, Delali Fayorsey, a leadership advocate stated, as he advised the freshmen to take up leadership positions to prepare themselves for the future.

The program ended with the introduction of the students to IFMSA, FGMSA and UHAS MSA and the unveiling of the various opportunities available for them to add value to themselves by Harris Nyarko, the National Exchange Officer

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