The Rising Star in Neuroscience Research – Excerpts from The URMC Student Spotlight.

Mark Osabutey, MBChB, KNUST.

Meet Dr. Mark Osabutey, a 2nd-year Neuroscience graduate student at the University of Rochester Medical Center who is on a mission to make a difference in the world of medicine. Before pursuing his graduate studies, Osabutey worked for 3 years as a physician in Ghana, where he discovered his love for research and neuroscience.

During one of his rotations, he helped diagnose a 13-year-old boy with neuromyelitis optica, a central nervous system disorder, which left him with sight problems and paralysis. Thanks to a prescribed therapy, the boy walked again within a week and is now attending university. This experience ignited Osabutey’s interest in neuroscience and led him to pursue a PhD at the University of Rochester. The University of Rochester Medical Center’s NGP is at the forefront of neuroscience research, providing exceptional research facilities, a supportive environment, and a vibrant community of scholars and researchers.

Mark Osabutey, MBChB receiving grant augmentation award from David Baumann, Director of the NASA Human Research Program

Currently, Osabutey is in the O-labs, where he is conducting groundbreaking research on neuroinflammation and cognitive changes after exposure to ionizing radiation. Recently, he presented his findings at a NASA conference and received a grant to study population-level changes in microglia after exposure to galactic cosmic radiation. It is an important breakthrough in the field because space radiation has been shown to cause cognitive decline and loss of fine motor skills, which pose risks of impairing performance in mission-critical tasks in space. Using single-cell RNA sequencing in mice exposed to space radiation, he aims to identify subpopulations of microglia and their molecular differences based on sex.

Osabutey’s long-term goal is to establish a neuroscience research center in Ghana to bridge the gap between basic science knowledge and clinical applications, providing better medical care for patients in Ghana and other under-resourced areas.

As a medical student, let Osabutey’s story inspire you to pursue your passion and make a difference in the world. Read more about Dr. Osabutey.

By: Aishah Fadila Adamu





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