Shots from the aerobics session

It is an undeniable fact the medical student experiences in his academic pursuit – at various points in time – fluxes from eustress to distress. The same is true for the reverse. The testimonies of relief from a distressed mind, body and spirit can’t bought with money rather it can be sought in exercising. These and more are the reasons the UDS – MSA thought to give to her members that feel of fitness and goodness.

The Medical Students Association (MSA) of the University for Development Studies (UDS) on the Saturday, the 18th of March, 2023 held its maiden edition of a fitness program dubbed: “Fit 2 Heal”. This maiden edition was put together by the association’s Organizing Committee headed by Ms. Bridgette Tevi and the Sports Committee headed by Master Logochura Reuben both in their first (1st) clinical years of study. The program formed part of the association’s numerous extra-curricular activities for the trimester to help students keep fit mentally and physically even as the trimester comes to an end.

UDS-MSA Treasurer (in black top), Elton-Jones Tetteh in action.
Participants stretching to cool music

The program had 3 main activities: an aerobics session, football and basketball. The aerobics session was the opener to the day’s program. Both pre-clinical and clinical year students converged at the forecourt of Yaa Naa Hall – one of the University’s Hall – in the early hours of the morning where a fitness instructor took them through basic exercises one can do to stay fit. Students exercised alongside some really good music. Participants of this session were also refreshed with some chilled drinks to help them recuperate their lost energies. The aerobics session was simply lit.

Into the bargain was a football match that took place after he aerobics session on the school’s field. The match was between males from the preclinical and clinical years respectively. This encounter makes it the first between the two teams as most of the association games are always between classes. Being the very first encounter between both teams, you can prognosticate the fierceness that characterized the match as both teams battled it out for glory. Eventually, the clinical year team displayed dominance over the preclinical team as they secured a 2 – 0 win 

Shots from the football match between the pre-clinical year and clinical year.

There was also a basketball match between the Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences students and the Medical Students. A battle between Doctors in the healthcare profession is surely one you’d expect a lot of thrills from. The Doctor of Medical Laboratory Students showed that beyond the lab, they have other “yabs”. It was a walk over for them as they thrashed the Medical Students team.

Shots from the basketball match between the Medical School team and Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science team.

Students were blissful and testified of how uplifted they felt after the program. They couldn’t hide their expectations of more of this.

The Organizing Committee and the Sports Committee thank everyone who showed up to make the program a success.


Written by:

Samuel A. Issifu (Poet Kearls)

on 31st March, 2023.

University for Development Studies (UDS) – Tamale

MBChB ’27.


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