Outline of Activities for the Week’s Celebration

The much-awaited UGMSA week started on the 21st and ended on the 29th of April. It was packed with so many fun activities and excitement. Prior to the starting of the week, banners were placed at vantage points, students of the UGMSA wore their beautiful shirts and made very beautiful videos about the week which circulated on all social media platforms. There was such a buildup of anticipation on Korle Bu campus because as you are well aware of, such fun programmes rarely happen. So, anything that breaks the monotonous cycle of class-ward-hostel is welcomed with great excitement

Outline of Activities for the Celebration Week 2.

Wondering what the theme for this year’s week was? Let me save you the trouble; ENTANGLEMENT! I’m sure you must be asking yourself, ‘why entanglement’??(You must be thinking about Jada and August, right?) Well, the MSA decided to use it as an opportunity to create awareness for AIDS due to the rising figures in our country. So chale, any entanglement you may find yourself in that predisposes you to getting AIDS, ‘you for do sharp then commot your body’.

So, it started on Friday nights with an electrifying atmosphere. It was all music and good vibes. There was also a variety of snacks to buy from; we had people selling popcorn, smoothies and pancakes, chicken wraps, chilled sobolo and other drinks, etc. The night started with interclass tennis and basketball competitions at the newly renovated sports complex. GEMP ’26(Graduate Entry Medical Programme) played against CO’26 and the former suffered a humiliating defeat. CO’23 also suffered the same fate as the GEMPEES and lost miserably to CO’25. We saw a close contest between CO’27 and CO’24 which ended with a win for the latter. The best losing team, CO’27 played against the best winning team, C0’25 and still lost. C0’24 then played against CO’26 and the former emerged victorious. The final game was held a week later between CO’25 and CO’24. CO’24 tried their best but it was not enough to beat the sterling performance from CO’25. The long tennis game was also between clinical and the preclinical students and the preclinical students won. There was also table tennis and others.

On Saturday was the football games with the final game being between CO’25 and Co’27. It was a very tight match but eventually C0’27 won through a penalty shootout.
The following week had activities like the health talk and health screening at St. Mary’s senior high school, breakfast with the dean and an interclass quiz, interclass WOCOM (Women’s commission) cookout, a mashup, and finally the beach day. There was supposed to be a movie night but unfortunately, it rained that night so it couldn’t come off. My personal favourite was breakfast with the dean though, because I mean, who doesn’t like free food? The other activities were so exciting and it paved way for students of the MSA to socialize and basically have fun so if you did not grab anyone during the week, you’ll have to wait for a full year to find your significant other lol.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. Hopefully, the next batch of students’ administration would organize an even greater one.

Written by:

Nagetey Rebecca Korkor CO ’25



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