Valentine’s Day; is it really worth the hype?

Valentine’s Day; is it really worth the hype?

After reading this topic, you definitely fall in one of these two categories. You’re either thinking, “oh finally, someone said it, what at all is all the fuss about?” Or you’re part of the group that will be saying, “This writer doesn’t know what she’s talking about. An opportunity to spoil my lover and be spoilt is definitely more than worth the hype.” No matter the category you fall under, I feel you.

Valentine’s Day can be quite a frustrating day for single people. The whole campus is filled with ‘awwns’ and ‘eiis’ and saxophones and then there is you, sitting behind your phone, posting memes but secretly hoping to get a call from a delivery guy, bearing gifts from your secret admirer. The day ends and the only gift you got was the chocolate your MSA’s WOCOM shared to all ladies. You get really sad and hope that you will not be single the next Valentine’s Day.

But should that be the only focus of Valentine’s Day? I don’t think so. Valentine’s Day must be a day of showing love to people. Give to the  poor and needy around us. Put a smile on a little child’s face.

In view of this, The Scintilla Foundation, a foundation set up by our very own General Secretary, Patrick Makafui Bumegbe, spent its Valentine’s Day showing love to the children at the Chosen Children Centre at Darkuman in Accra. They donated boxes of Promasidor-Ghana products, Mackerels, toiletries amongst others.

The foundation is planning to undertake a desk-donation project to a very deprived school in Oti region. Students in that school sit on the bare floor in their classrooms. You can donate to this worthy cause so that together, we demonstrate love to these children.

Mobile money number: 0553195358 (Rebecca Kombian)

Please make reference to the Scintilla Foundation.

You can contact the Founder of the Foundation, Patrick Makafui Bumegbe, on +233 55 151 8984  to know more about it.

So yes, Valentine is worth the hype and if you’re feeling unloved, always remember FGMSA Chatters loves you, our dearest reader. We cherish you a lot!

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